E10-daily zoo
(Emmen, NL)
Aránzazu Montero, Jesús Isla, Joaquín Longhi, Javier Sanz-Viveros

Daily Zoo is a redefinition of the urban system whose main objective is to fulfill the transition from coexistence to conviviality through convivence. Transformed through affection, architecture and open spaces in DZD are susceptible of establishing empathic links between buildings and users. Opposite to the traditional zoo, DZD promotes free or spontaneous intervention, overcoming the visual experience further into haptic senses. In DZD, this sort of Involving Urbanism, propagable and repeatable, aims the implementation of the city through the dynamic engagement of newcomers and already living citizens. In terms of housing DZD proposes a new concept of scale which takes into account the inhabitant experiences of limits, street, group of ages, ludic spaces and so on to generate a complex group of rich spaces within a maximum of three stories.