a chimney with a house
(Badajoz, ES)
Manuel Maldonado
2011 to 2012
Aránzazu Montero, Joaquín Longhi

In the renovation of a former forge located in the medieval centrum of Alburquerque, ‘hearth’ as space around the fire has driven the proposal, and was rendered eloquent.

The existing chimney was upscaled so it became a space on itself, housing the kitchen, which was entirely carved out one single piece of portuguese marblestone. The same material was use to clad the inner walls of the chimney-skylight, which provides both natural ventilation and light to the upper floor, concealing the views form the castle, as required by the regulations.

The original door still displays the marks of the ‘hierros’ that were tested after having been elaborated at the place. This issue has been reprised and extended over the façade with identity purposes. Other original elements such as the gothic arch that separates kitchen and living room, masonry walls or stone steps, have also been integrated in the final solution.