Aldea Moret
(Cáceres, ES)
Junta de Extremadura
83 Ha
Aránzazu Montero, Jesús Isla, David Pérez, Elena Cuerda

EXTRAHOOD takes advantage of the existing site’s synergies by improving their connectivity and stigmatized image, by means of:
1. Landscape Infiltrations: The landscape profits the penetration of new high-speed train line to infiltrate into the city
2. Program Infiltrations: The ‘imported’ meadow is now recolonised by permanent and intermittent programs that rectify its intermediate configuration creating an interlaced space, and making possible new social dynamics.
3. Urban Awareness Densification: Growing dynamics will finish filling soon the soil's capability. Industrial facilities will find new locations and the ‘activityscape’ will be definitively refined. Consolidated urban tissues must strengthen.
4. Technology Seeding: Spontaneous and ephemeral use for punctual facilities. Creation of dynamic urban scenarios.
Free access through pre-payment or deposit loan.
5. New Dwelling Recipies: There are not aprioristic housing schemes, just different kinds of structures to be occupied with different degrees of freedom.